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20 Nov 2018
MORATEX exposition at the INSEC 2018 conference
MORATEX exposition at the INSEC 2018 conference

In mid-November 2018, the INSEC 2018 conference on internal security was held at the Sangate Hotel Airport in Warsaw. The organizers managed to invite a significant group of participants, exhibitors and distinguished guests, with the Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration, Mr. Jarosław Zieliński as forefront. Therefore, the representatives of the MSWiA Group could not be missing, in which the Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX plays an important role by performing research tasks dedicated for the ministry’s forces. There were also participants from outside the Ministry – such as the Railways Protection Service, and even from outside Poland – for example officers of the uniformed services of Ukraine. Of course, commercial companies operating on the market dedicated to such forces had their exhibitions too.

The 15th and 16th of November were two days filled with debates and visiting the booths, during breaks. There was, therefore, enough time to establish contacts. Thanks to our presence, we were able to present the services and products selected from the institute’s offer, and they turned out to be interesting for the conference participants. Hopefully the InSec Conference would become permanent entry on the calendar of events for government and the linked branch of economy.


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