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4 Dec 2018
Renewable Designing Space 2.0
Renewable Designing Space 2.0

On 29-30 of November, 2018, an international conference “Renewable Designing Space 2.0” was held in our town. The event was important part of larger project “ECO MAKE 2018”, organised by the Strzeminski Academy of Art in Łódź, Poland. The conference had the main theme “In search of the Responsible Human”.

Among others, it included a panel of „Future materials”, where two researchers of MORATEX Institute were invited as the experts – Ms. Dorota Zielińska Ph.D., Eng. and Ms. Magdalena Olejnik Ph.D., Eng. Issues related to the role of the designers and thei responsibility for a product were discussed there in terms of usability, eco-friendly features and applied materials – last, but not least.


27 Jun 2019

State borders protection and internal security – INSEC 2019 Conference


On the 12th of June 2019 in Warsaw another International Exhibition and Conference INSEC was held, devoted to the subject of border […]

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25 Jun 2019

Warsaw Humanitarian Expo 2019 with MORATEX


Can humanitarian aid be considered a business? Certainly, it might be argued about on an ethical ground, but the facts are that […]

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