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25 Jun 2019
Warsaw Humanitarian Expo 2019 with MORATEX

Can humanitarian aid be considered a business?
Certainly, it might be argued about on an ethical ground, but the facts are that the most ways of aiding do cost, and cost a lot. According to estimates, worldwide, in 2018, a quarter of a billion zlotys was spent for this purpose. Apart from the origin and use of these funds, it is worth considering whether Poland has something to offer in this area.
Such considerations constituted a basis for organizing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and the Ptak Warsaw Expo a large conference and exhibition in Nadarzyn on June 11-13, 2019, unprecedented in Central and Eastern Europe. The honorary patronage over the event was taken by the President of Poland Mr. Andrzej Duda.

Yes, MORATEX has solutions to problems falling into the category of humanitarian threats. The best examples are two completed projects: ZYWIOL and D-BOX.
ZYWIOL (ELEMENT) is an acronym of a project dedicated to mass calamities, namely: “Optimization of procedures, dislocation of bases and improvement of technical solutions of equipment used by Polish emergency services in the field of counteracting natural hazards, with particular emphasis on floods (anti-flood sleeves)“. We completed it in 2011-2015 in cooperating with other entities forming the national consortium, in which MORATEX was the Leader. As a result, we contributed to significantly more effective counterfighting the threats and recovering from the floods, by verifying the response procedures and proposing such deployment and supplies for the equipment bases, so that they are located in the vicinity of the most endangered regions.
This made it much easier and much faster than before to deliver equipment ready for immediate use, directly on the endangered places.

D-BOX on the other hand is an acronym of the project „Demining tool-BOX for humanitarian clearing of large scale areas from anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions”, implemented by a large international scientific and industrial consortium in 2011-2014. Our main task was to select and verify the performance of materials and products intended to protect people against fragments from the explosion of landmines and ammunition left in the areas where the armed conflict fought. An additional task was to create a knowledge base significantly supporting prevention amongst the population and the processes meant for safe demining.
Continuing the research started in the D-BOX project, our scientists are currently working on a professional protective clothing for the sappers, so-called Next-Gen EOD. That research has also been promoted at the WHE exhibition and we hope to make some promising results from the current phase of the work soon available to the international community, followed by a ready-made design of the complete product.



29 Apr 2022

“MORATEX” na targach POLSECURE 2022


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7 Apr 2022

Nowe możliwości badań w Laboratorium Badań Chemicznych


Laboratorium Badań Chemicznych zakupiło do spektrofotometru UV-VIS filtr UV, dzięki któremu będzie można wykonać badania współrzędnych barwy CIELab oraz różnicy barwy dla […]

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